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Submitted on
May 29, 2005
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Snap Crackle Pop
and suddenly weeping.
The shower ran hot, then cold
-as indecisive as my temper.
I ebb and flow and come to no conclusion,
but I am sure where to place my blame:
the others ate it.

If I had just been able to control it
-to have some grip on my emotions-
my eyes would not be so puffy.
Certainly, my mascara would still run
-the salt of tears came secondary to the gush of the tap-
but I would feel less exhausted.
A modicum of control would be all
-just enough to think logically-
But a brain cannot run on empty,
and I am sure where to place my blame:
the others ate it.

I grabbed my robe
-no care to dry off first-
and rushed around the house to find the source of my discontent.
No washing machine
No dishwasher
No running tap
No flushing toilet
No cause for the icy hot temper rising within ventricular pipes.
I stalked back to the shower to douse my eyes with reality,
but still it burned.
Full tantrum mode, I threatened the wall with a reluctant fist
and set myself to full wailing.
Blame was well placed by this stage, and I need not tell:
the others ate it.

And yet I know
I had not been home
To share in the feast
Of a thousand bowls
Of softly tinkling
Puffs of white rice
Drowning in a bowl
Of heartless milk
While a million calves
Cried for sustenence.
We'll see as I go along....

The pic is from from a google search. I simply added text, or am incredibly lucky and it was done for me: You Decide!!! *OoooOoooh* *suddenly reminded of "choose your destiny" Goosebumps books*
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PootPoot Oct 18, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I for one, enjoyed this alot =D the imagery was great, and it flowed smoothly, and was a fun read.

Love the repeating line...The others ate it...bravo, and many kudos =)
blank-lishi Oct 18, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
:D thankyou so much :D
I love this one, too :D
PootPoot Oct 19, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome =D
Haven't most of us had a day such as yours and felt foolish the next.
Nice to have someone write about the mundane things in life and not just the profound.

I felt that the last verse came out of the blue but may have added continuity
if you ended it with:

"While a million calves
Cried for sustenence.
the others ate it."

But the rest was excellent!

Lishi, you are that lump of coal that, one day, becomes a diamond.
blank-lishi Sep 28, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
:D thankyou. I wanted to end it in a really dramatic way, and I think a break from the norm really made that statement :D
Thanks, though.
Hmm I disagree. "While a million calves cried for sustenence" are far more powerful lines, almost shocking, and leave the reader with a very vivid image that makes this poem "stick"
Ahhhh...blood is thicker than water.
I'm on the fence about this poem, I almost don't like that it's about something so simple. If the line 'the others ate it' and the last stanza weren't there; if they were something else, something stronger, this poem would be so powerful, so incredible. You have the fantastic ability to write about anything at all and still have it have so much power, I think you might put those images to good use in a poem about something more serious than cereal.
I really love how she writes about every day emotions in a really creative way. If you have ever had PMS you should be able to understand this feeling She never takes herself seriously. Not like those poems that I am so sick of reading about ...slit wrists, highschool, and rhyming poems about love using hearts, wings, and butterflies as metaphors......blah
blank-lishi Sep 25, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Actually this poem is a joke.... It's all about over-reacting over nothing and how silly it is :D Thanks for the advice, though
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